ICELAND DIVIDE - Bikepacking Expedition

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Just below the Arctic Circle, situated between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, a remote land emerges from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, dominated by huge glaciers, ashen deserts, and mighty lava structures. Here, along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge that crosses the island, the incessant work of fire and ice traced a route that runs through a world of immeasurable desolation and enthralling beauty.

Location: Iceland (August 2018)
Self filmed and edited by: Giorgio Frattale and Francesco D’Alessio.
Filmed with: Sony RX10 ii, Sony RX10 iii, GoPro HERO5 Black.
Edited with: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.
Rise - Tony Anderson feat. Salomon Ligthelm
All Along The Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix


Patagón is the video that tells the adventure of Montanus during the bike and packraft exploration of a remote area of southern Patagonia, where, between the Austral Andes and the huge glacial lakes, the traditional Argentine culture of the gauchos still survives.
The endless and arid steppe, the wonderful and jagged peaks of the Andes, the huge fresh water basins with their incredible colors, the awesome glaciers that fall into the deep depressions of the Cordillera, the extreme and changing wheather conditions, the incessant and exhausting wind, make Patagonia one of the few place in the world able to convey the feeling of being on the edge of the Earth. A slight and lonely stretching of the South American continent, conditioned by the turbulent intersection of two oceans, located in the southern hemisphere where medieval imagination has positioned monsters and fantastic creatures. “Patagón" is the name by which Ferdinand Magellan called the natives of that region, which in his eyes appeared as giants, dressed in animal skins and raw meat devourers, accosting them to the figure of "Gran Patagón", a huge wild creature of whom he read about in a chivalric novel at the time. Patagonia is still a "wild creature", where the guanacos, the pumas, the Andean condors, the flamingoes, the crested caracara and other species populating it share this boundless land with the Gaucho, proud guardians of a ancient rural culture.
Almost five centuries after the voyage of the portuguese explorer, the "Tierra de Gigantes" keeps alive the call of its wild lands, fueling the desire for exploration in one of the most beautiful and remote corners of the planet.

Location: Patagonia / Argentina

Self filmed and edited by: Giorgio Frattale and Francesco D’Alessio.
Filmed with: Sony RX10 ii, Sony RX10 iii, GoPro HERO5 Black.
Edited with: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.
As The Sun Goes Down - Aaron Nazrul
Hold On - Alabama Shakes
Ayacuchana - Mauricio Venegas Astorga
Runner - Jon & Roy



Tramontana [tramonˈtaːna] it’s a cold and dry wind blowing from the north Europe towards Italy, carrying snow and frigid temperature. In ancient times the Latin word trānsmontānus (trāns- + montānus) indicated what was beyond the mountains, unknown, barbaric and dangerous. “Tramontana” is a journey through human ancestral fears and primordial virtues of the fire, the natural element that, since the dawn of time, allowed it to defeat the dark, the cold, the isolation and the wild beasts. A tribute to the human wild side that gets lost in the origins of our story. 
Location: Gran Sasso plateau, Abruzzo, Italy. 

Self filmed and edited by: Giorgio Frattale and Francesco D’Alessio.
Filmed with: Sony RX10 ii, DJI Osmo, DJI Mavic Pro.
Edited with: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.


The call of the mountain is even stronger during winter, when the snow breaks the tree-tops and the cold weather freezes
the bones. During this time, when most people put their bike to rest, an adventure between two Italian buddies began. 
They aimed to search for the COLD VEIN, that vein which come back to pulsate in the winter wilderness. 
This was an experience that brought Giorgio and Francesco to find more than what they were searching for. 
A journey through their own limits, where what is important, is not the width of the tires but the extent of the horizons.

The video is dedicated to Walter Belli, a dear friend who had a bad injury during a DH session and who is still fighting every day with the wilderness alive in his heart.

Self filmed and edited by : Francesco D’Alessio and Giorgio Frattale.
Aerial filming by APR Italia.
Filmed with: with a Canon 500D (2009), a GoPro HERO4 and a “no brand” alluminum tripod.
Edited with: Premiere Pro CS6.
Music: Ark Life - "Some Unheroic Hill"

Kokopelli Packraft “ROGUE”


Explore. Dream. Discover.
MONTANUS is a great adventure of two dudes riding bikes in the wilderness to reach happiness and fun.

Dreamed, filmed and edited by Francesco D'Alessio and Giorgio Frattale.

Jon and Roy - Mountain Town
Tony Anderson - The Father’s Heart
Ben Howard - Keep Your Head Up

Canon EOS 500D
GoPro Hero 2
Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Gran Sasso d'Italia - Abruzzo, ITALY